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Do INFINITI Models Require Premium Gas?

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When it comes to fueling up your new INFINITI at the pump, you may wonder, “Can you use regular gas in an INFINITI?” The answer is you can — but at the cost of your engine performance and longevity. All INFINITI models recommend using at least 91 octane premium gasoline, meaning any other INFINITI gas type will lower your vehicle’s overall ability on the Palm Beach roads. So, what is premium gas? And what’s the difference between premium and regular gas? Read on to learn more about the different types of gasoline with INFINITI Stuart and find out why premium gas is the best INFINITI fuel type to use.



Premium Gas vs. Regular Gas: What’s the Difference?

Premium gas and regular gas are similar in that both are produced from crude oil and are combustible. The main differences between the gas types are their octane level or octane rating. Octane level measures how much fuel can be compressed before it ignites. Regular gas tends to have an octane level of 87, while premium gas has octane levels of 90 or higher. Many engines are optimized for a certain octane level, so when lower-octane regular fuel is put in a high-octane engine, it can lead to engine knocking, which damages your vehicle.

Does INFINITI Require Premium Gas?

All INFINITI models are designed to run on gas with an octane level of 91 or higher. When choosing your INFINITI gas type, keep in mind that no regular gas has an octane level that high. That means all INFINITI engines will run their best when fed premium gas. While it does cost a few cents more at the pump, it will keep your engine running cleaner for longer, letting your INFINITI stay on the Port Saint Lucie roads for years to come.

The Benefits of Using Premium Gas in Your INFINITI

There are plenty of advantages to choosing premium gas as your go-to INFINITI fuel type. Check out some of the benefits of premium gas over regular gas below:

  • Engine Health: As your engine gets older, carbon deposits begin to build up. This can cause your engine to slowly increase its engine combustion rate and raise the optimal octane level for the vehicle. By using premium gas, you keep your engine at peak performance even as it ages.
  • Reduce Engine Knock: Engine knocks, or unregulated fuel ignition, happen more frequently when using the wrong type of gas type in your vehicle. By using premium gas in your INFINITI, you can avoid any costly damage to your engine caused by knocking.
  • Engine Performance: Many factors you consider when buying a car — horsepower, torque, acceleration — are directly affected by whether or not your engine is running at its best. To get the maximum performance out of your vehicle, you have to feed it the kind of gas that’s recommended by the manufacturer.
  • Fuel Efficiency: There are plenty of ways to be fuel-efficient while driving, but when you use regular gas in a premium-gas engine, the regular fuel will burn faster and reduce your overall fuel economy. While premium gas might cost a bit more at the pump, it will last longer than if you were to use regular fuel and have to fill up in Jupiter more often!

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Now that you know what INFINITI gas type to use, you can get the most out of your vehicle’s engine for longer! Have more questions about how to properly care for your INFINITI? Check out our Service Tips & Tricks page for more information or reach out to us at INFINITI Stuart! Our qualified technicians will be available to answer any questions or help you schedule an appointment to have your INFINITI looked over.


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